Kent York Biography

40 Years of Speaking Experience

 Called to preach at the age of 17, he preached his first revival meeting at the age of 18. Kent has an ongoing perfect attendance record, now over 56 years, never missing one Sunday service in his life.

 Using a mixture of humor and poignant truth, the word of God comes alive every service in his messages- to ignite and challenge the Church family!

 Currently in his 17th year of evangelism Kent has traveled over a million miles to different countries and people groups. God continues to use Kent as an instrument to share the message of Jesus Christ to a lost world igniting hearts and changing lives.


  • Curt Rowe

    Heritage Baptist Church Springfield,Massachusetts

    "Kent has proven to be an Evangelist whose fruit remains through genuine conversions.He employs tasteful humor combined with convincing Christ-centered preaching."


  • David Klass

    Friendship Baptist Church Montana City, Montana

    "In a day when the role of the biblical evangelist is both misunderstood and neglected, it is refreshing to see Bro. Kent staying true to God’s call on his life. His passion for souls is also very evident both in and out of the pulpit."


  • Ben York

    Guide Church Baptist Columbus, Ohio

    "An Ignite revival is like church camp for adults. We have had Ignite revivals every year since starting as a church and it serves as a catalyst for growth year round!"



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